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Do You Want My Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

All About Pretty Sugar Cookies With Lani

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which I may make a small kickback if you purchase through these links. Everything I recommend are tools I use and have found helpful. For this specific post, I asked Lani to provide tools that she could recommend for anyone starting into sugar cookies.

I'm so excited to interview the owner of The Ugly Muffin Bakery! Lani is the best custom cookie artist I know, and I'm so lucky to chat with her about what she does! In this interview Lani talks about beginner tips and tricks for custom sugar cookies along with her must have tools. Everyone welcome Lani Cannon from The Ugly Muffin Bakery!

Seriously though, take a look at her work:

Lani, tell us about yourself and your baking. How did you find yourself doing sugar cookies?

"Hello hello! I am Lani, the owner of The Ugly Muffin Bakery. I offer all kinds of treats but am best known for my decorated sugar cookies. I started out my baking journey as a kid taking cake decorating at my local craft store with a friend and then continuing to bake as a hobby. I didn’t start cookies until I was in my late twenties! It started as a way to keep busy because my job at the time was completely “on call” based and, more often than not, I sat at home with nothing to do. I had always seen these beautiful cookies and wondered if I could make them, so one day I looked up a recipe for the icing and the rest is history!"

What are your top tips for making gorgeous cookies?

"Ohh boy, where to start? The most important thing I tell my students in my decorating classes is this: It is just a cookie.

Don’t put the pressure on yourself that it needs to be perfect because at the end of the day it's going to get eaten and as long as it tastes good no one is really going to be focusing on any flaws that only you will see in the first place.

Another is to not compare yourself to what you see online. I can tell you from experience that what you see online is a facade. That isn’t to say that those cookeirs are incredibly talented, because absolutely they are. But what I mean is you don’t see in those pictures are the hundreds of hours spent perfecting their craft, the countless failures, the late nights, the tears, the messy kitchens, and the thousands of pictures on their camera roll to get the perfect picture for the gram."

What are your must-have tools for sugar cookies?

"Patience haha. Just kidding, but also seriously. Patience is key.

As far as physical tools though my absolute necessities are: