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Do You Want My Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

All The Uses Of A Cookie Scoop

1. Cookies:

We will get the obvious one out of the way. Use a cookie scoop for your cookies! If you are using a spoon to scoop your cookie dough, or rolling the dough balls by hand, you my friend, have a lot more patience than I do. Besides being A LOT faster, using a cookie scoop to dish out your cookie dough will ensure even baking, consistent bake time, uniform cookies, and clean hands!

2. Meatballs:

If you have ever tried making homemade meatballs, you know how hard it is to try to make all the meatballs the same size. Unless you have a cookie scoop! No more eye-balling your meat-balls. With a cookie scoop, none of your meat balls will be under-baked because it's bigger than the rest of them.

3. Hamburger Patties:

Take a size 6 cookie scoop (the jumbo size) and portion out your hamburger meat into giant meat balls, smash them between two dinner plates and bam! Hamburger patties. Also, if you turn the scoop upside down, you can use the curved side of it to indent the center of the patty to prevent too-thick of patties.

4. Filling Cupcake Tins:

Take a size 30 scoop (small/med size) and use it to fill your cupcake tins with cake batter. It fills them uniformly and is so much less messy than trying to pour directly from your mixing bowl. It also works for muffins!

5. Mini Pancakes:

Or regular-sized pancakes. Whatever floats your boat. Use a cookie scoop to dollop perfect-sized pancakes onto the griddle.

6. Ice Cream:

Preferably chocolate ice cream. . . but a cookie scoop will work on any flavor. The major advantage of using a cookie scoop is the quick lever release! No more banging your ice cream scoop against the side of your bowl to get the ice cream out.

7. Melon Baller:

Who doesn't like water melon balls? If you are making a fruit arrangement, or whimsical platter, a mini scoop (size 100) is a must!

8. Mashed Potatoes:

Okay. Hear me out. Scoop the potatoes, then turn your scoop upside down and press it into the top of your taters so your gravy has a designated spot! My mom used to be a lunch lady and she says you can use a cookie scoop to dish out anything from stuffing to re-fried beans.

9. Portion Control:

There is another reason I have to use a cookie scoop on cookie dough. That's because If I didn't have the dough portioned out, I would end up eating the whole batch in one sitting. If you are watching portion sizes, this might be your new best friend. Try using a cookie scoop for your un-portioned meals, such as casseroles. Hello, cheesy potatoes.

10. Measuring Tools:

If you are ever in a bind and need a measuring cup or spoon, cookie scoops can be used to measure! Each size holds a specific amount from size 100 (2 tsp) to size 4 (3/4 Cup).

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