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Butter or Crisco For Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Updated: Mar 21

Butter or Crisco?

Which is better for chocolate chip cookies?

I will tell you my secret!

But first, let's quickly discuss the three main differences between butter and shortening.

1.The melting point of butter is about 90-95 degrees F, where as Crisco/shortening is 117.

2.Shortening is 100% fat, where as butter contains fat and water.

3. Butter TASTES better. If you don't believe me, try slapping some shortening on your toast and you'll get the idea.

When it comes to cookies, a higher melting point and a higher fat content keep your cookies from going flat or becoming overly chewy.

But, if you use Crisco your cookies won't have that wonderful, authentic, BUTTER flavor.

So how do we get perfectly baked cookies AND great buttery taste? The answer is to USE BOTH!

1/2 Butter-1/2 Butter Flavored Crisco!

If your chocolate chip cookie recipe calls for 1 Cup of butter, you can add half a cup of Crisco and half a cup of butter, or if you want to experiment: 1/4 cup Crisco and 3/4 cup butter.

Do you want my Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for free? Click here for the free download! You won't need another chocolate chip cookie recipe after this one, I promise.

Comment any questions and watch for future tips!


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