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Do You Want My Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

How to Find Good Recipes on Pinterest:

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

If you are like most people scrolling through Pinterest, you're in search of THE BEST dessert recipes, and upon hitting 'search' you discover that there are literally hundreds of recipes claiming to be the best. If you don't know how to weed out the duds from the divine, you are not alone!

What's more, if you are running a cake business from home, it is your job to provide the best-tasting desserts to your paying customers. There will always be room to adjust the recipe and make it your own, but having a good base recipe to start off with really makes a difference and cuts down on a lot of wasted time and ingredients.

Here's My 8 Tips For Finding The Best Dessert Recipes:

1. Look at the ratings. The quickest way to test a recipe's quality is the ratings. You can find these on their blog or on the pin itself! This isn't a rule. I've found good recipes that didn't have ratings at all because it was new when I found it, but I've never wasted my time making a recipe that had bad ratings (less than four stars).

2. Read the comments. Read through the recipe comments and see what others struggled with. Usually the blogger will respond with tips, and trouble-shooting. Sometimes you can find good add-ins or substitutions by reading through the comments.

3. Look at the recipe tips. I know we all like to hit the "Jump to Recipe" button. I'm definitely guilty of this one! But, if you take the time to read the pre-recipe, you will most likely see a "Tips" section. This is where you'll get the key components of the recipe. The blogger will tell you the mistakes they've made so you don't make the same mistakes. Alternatively, they will share what really worked for them. You can judge how many times the blogger has made this recipe by how many mistakes they've made. They will warn you of making similar mistakes in their post. Someone who makes a recipe more than a handful of times, really likes that recipe and hasn't found one that's better.

4. Substitutions. When a blogger has 10 variations of the recipe, detailing which substitutes work and which ones don't, with advice on how to freeze it, gluten-free it, double it, etc, you can trust that they've made that recipe more than once. I don't know about you, but I don't make a recipe more than once if it sucked.

5. It calls for MORE vanilla. Okay, this one is mainly for desserts and cookies, but still! I always trust a dessert blogger who recommends using more than a tsp of vanilla (1 TBS is more my style). It sounds silly, but vanilla does amazing things. And who doesn't want more amazing things? Salt also falls into the amazing things category. . .

6. It's UPDATED. When the blogger mentions that they've updated the recipe, it means they care about this recipe and they care about your success with it. They didn't just post it and ghost it.

6.5 Bonus Tip. Follow dessert boards on Pinterest. They are full of awesome creators who pump out cake, cookie, pie, and all sorts of dessert recipes! Believe me, they know their way around the dessert world! My favorite dessert boards you should follow are: Desserts Only, Cupcakes & Sweet Treats, and Cakes & Other Desserts

7. It's Not healthy. You might hate me or love me for this tip, but. . . If a recipe calls for full-fat, extra salt, smears of butter, and sugar on top it's usually stinking good. . .

7.5 Bonus Tip. All good cake recipes will call for: Sour Cream and/or buttermilk! Good banana bread will have vinegar in it, and chocolate cake might call for coffee or espresso powder.

8. The Picture. This one might take a little training for your eye, but when I look for new recipes on Pinterest, the very first thing I do is examine the photo of the cake or cookie. I know the texture that I'm looking for and I look for it. For cookies, I look at the crust. is the bottom edges darker than the rest? Does the top of the cookie look like a shell? Or does it look soft and chewy? Does it look dryer than the Sahara Desert? This tip is my biggest filter of recipes. I'm not talking about picture quality, I'm talking about cookie quality. The more you do this step, the more trained your eye will become. This is what my mind looks like when analyzing a dessert picture. . .

Speaking of Pinterest, check out my new pins and follow me for more!