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How I Got 20 Google Reviews For My Cake Business In One Day

Updated: Mar 10

Hello Hello! Today I'm going to share with you one of the biggest hacks that jump-started my home-based cake business; I focused on my Google reviews!

Grab a drink of your choice and settle in because we are about to give your business a boost! Here are four different ways to get 20 Google reviews in one day!

First, I'm going to paint a little picture about why Google reviews are important for your home-based cake business.

Imagine you're planning a wedding. Where is the first place you're going to look for a cake artist? If you said Google, you are already a pro at this wedding planning thing. Alright, so you type in 'Wedding Cakes' into the search engine and it pulls up a few (or a lot) of cake businesses in your area. What do you do next?

You compare them, right?

You look at the pretty pictures and you read all the reviews before you actually make contact with the cake artist.

That's exactly what your future customers will do when they see your listing! So, If you want to stand out, you need reviews and a lot of them!

(P.S. If you're not on Google yet, what are you waiting for?! Check out my little guide to get your listing on Google and the one secret to driving orders your way today, even if you don't have a website! Trust me, if you're a cake artist, you need to watch this.)

So, now that you know what your customers are doing to find (and choose) you, let's dig into HOW TO JUMP-START YOUR GOOGLE REVIEWS! These are four, tried and true, ways to get extra Google reviews:

Option 1:

This is my favorite option and I still use this strategy when introducing new flavors. You can easily get 20+ reviews in one swoop.

1. BAKE SOME CUPCAKES. You got it, whip up a batch of your favorite flavor and make them all cute like you do. I'd recommend baking 2 dozen. You could also do cookies if that's more your style.

2. GET ON FACEBOOK. Or Instagram or wherever your friends are at and make a post! What are you going to post, you ask?

Offer to deliver a cupcake in exchange for an honest review! Have them DM their address so you can drop that little bundle of joy on their doorstep.

3. MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM. Leave a note with the cupcake with instructions on how to leave a review.

4.READ YOUR NEW REVIEWS! Sit back after your day of hard work, because this is a whole day project, and enjoy those five-star reviews you just earned!

Option 2:

This option is really great for meeting NEW people in your area. It requires a little more outgoing-ness, but it will open up completely new doors for you. This will easily get you 20+ Google reviews.

  1. BAKE THOSE CUPCAKES. Yup, we are still baking treats for this option because you are a cake business and that's what you do!

  2. TAKE THOSE CUPCAKES TO YOUR NEAREST COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Or supermarket or book club meeting. Take them somewhere with people. You can even set up a little table!

  3. HAND THEM OUT. Who doesn't love free cupcakes? Ask them to take a cupcake in exchange for a review. You will see the Google reviews funnel through in real time!

Option 3:

This is the easiest way to get a bump in reviews. When I tried this technique, I got 3 people who jumped on and left a review. It wasn't a lot, but seriously, it cost me zero effort.

  1. GET ON FACEBOOK. Or whatever platform you're on and post the Google link.

  2. ASK FOR REVIEWS. Chances are you have plenty of friends and family who've tried your treats. Ask anyone who's ordered from you to please leave a review using the link you just posted.

Option 4:

I still use this one! I ask around 8 out of 10 customers to leave reviews. It keeps my Google listing high in the search results, especially if they add pictures.

  1. DIRECT MESSAGE your past customers.

  2. ASK THEM IF THEY WERE HAPPY with their order.

  3. SEND THEM THE REVIEW LINK and ask them to please leave a review.

All of these options work great and I still use them in my business today!

I strongly recommend options 1 and 2.

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