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How I Make $1000 A Month From My Home Based Cake Business

Hello again, It's me! Many people refer to me as the cookie lady (a title I never imagined for myself, but here I am.) My name is Cortney Winn and I am the owner of Winn Cakes, a top-rated cake business in Utah. In this article, I'm going to talk about how I made a profitable side hustle out of my love for baking, and how you, my friend, can replicate it.

This is me! I'm a wife and mom of two boys. I'm also a full-time marketing student and dessert enthusiast, so making cakes is the perfect side hustle for me.

I make my own schedule and take clients when I'm able to.

This is definitely not a get rich thing, it is however, a perfect creative outlet and supplementary income. I can take a few wedding cakes a month and make $1200. So if this is sounding like your jam then you are in the right place!

Here is a screenshot of my invoice app for three months. Like I said, it's nothing crazy, but this is only doing 1-3 wedding cakes a month. This isn't including any of my usual cookie deliveries. That's the wonderful thing about becoming a boutique cake artist, you can really set your income. As a mom and full time student, this is just right for me, but there is no limit on what your monthly income could be.

I (sadly) have to turn a lot of business away, just because of my schedule.

After you implement the steps in this post, it might be you turning away too much business!

Disclaimer: Food Cottage laws are different in every state so check the laws in your area before opening shop. Luckily, selling cakes and cookies from a home kitchen is legal in Utah. Also, I am not a legal or financial expert and the information from this post is based on my experiences only.

Okay, let's get started! Here is how I built a booming cake business from my own kitchen!