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Do You Want My Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

My Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Updated: Mar 20

As some of you already know, a few weeks ago, I did something I never thought I'd do: I gave away my best-selling cookie recipe for free! Crazy right?

For those of you who are new to the Winn Cakes Blog, I want to say hello and introduce myself! My name is Cortney Winn and I'm the cake and cookie lady in Utah! You can find me on Google at Winn Cakes!

Before we dive into this cookie recipe, I want to ask you, have you ever asked your friend or family member for a recipe and when you try to make it, it's just not the same? You can't escape the feeling that you did something wrong? Or, maybe your friend left off a step in their instructions because it's so simple they thought you already knew to do it?

Yeah, I've been there many times!

Today I'm going to give you this recipe, but I'm also going to give you access to the secret little tips that go into making these cookies perfect!

Okay lets get into the nitty gritty! You are here for this amazing recipe, yeah?

Chocolate Chip Cookies:


  • 1 C Salted Butter (Room Temp)

  • 1 C Butter Flavored Crisco

  • 2 C Brown Sugar

  • 1 C White Sugar

  • 4 Large Eggs

  • 1 TBS Mexican Vanilla

  • 2 tsp Salt (Heaping)

  • 2 tsp Baking Soda (Heaping)

  • 5-6 C Flour

  • 16 oz Nestle Milk Chocolate Chips


  1. Mix butter, Crisco, brown sugar, and white sugar in a mixing bowl (If using a Bosch, see notes.)

  2. Add eggs, vanilla, salt, soda, and mix again.

  3. Add flour until the dough is thick and does not stick to your fingers.

  4. Add chocolate chips and mix

  5. Scoop into dough balls (about 1.5 inches or medium cookie scoop) and place on a baking sheet, BUT DON'T BAKE THEM YET!

  6. Freeze those bad boys! Yup, freeze em solid. I promise, you will thank me for this tip in the long run. I know it's hard to wait, but freeze them over night and then bag them up into a gallon size freezer bag. (See reasons why you should be freezing your cookie dough below)

  7. Okay, now you can bake them. Pre-heat oven to 350. Then, pop the frozen dough balls onto a baking sheet that is either sprayed, lined with parchment, or my personal favorite, a silicone mat.

  8. Bake for about 14 min.

  9. Let those cookies sit ON THE HOT BAKING SHEET once you pull them out so they can finish that wonderful baking process.


  • If using a Bosch, add all the ingredients (minus the chocolate chips) into the bowl and mix them at the same time. Use your dough hook so when you do add the chocolate chips, they don't break your cookie paddles. If you want to know more about Bosch tricks, read my Bosch Hacks post.

  • Use Mexican vanilla NOT imitation. If you want to know my favorite vanilla and where to get it, read my Secret Baking Ingredients You Might Not Know About.

  • Check your dough as you add flour. This plays a HUGE role in preventing flat cookies. If you want to see what your dough should look like, you might want to check out my free chocolate chip cookie download section below. The video download will show you exactly what your cookie dough should look like before you add chocolate chips. The amount of flour your cookies need will vary from batch to batch and in elevation, so use the flour measurement on the recipe as a guide and add flour until you reach the golden dough consistency.

  • Do not over-bake. This is also huge. Pull the cookies out before they are done baking and let them rest on the hot pan. If you want to see what they look like when they are done, read the free download section below.

  • If you decide to bake the raw dough without freezing it, you totally can! Just adjust the bake time to about 10 minutes!

Reasons Why You Should Be Freezing Your Dough:

  1. No wasted cookies ever! You know how when you bake a whole batch of cookies of cookies and they end up sitting on your counter, dying a slow, dry death? Or, you bake a whole batch of 36 cookies and then eat them all yourself so they don't go to waste? Freezing your dough will allow you to bake them as needed. If you're like me and need help in the self control department, you can pull out one lonely dough ball and bake it. . . and then pull out another one after that and bake it too. . .

  2. All the cookies you will eat will be fresh from the oven. Sounds like a dream doesn't it? Warm melty cookies for life? If you freeze your dough and bake them when the itch for a cookie arises, you will get fresh cookies every time!

  3. You will always be 14 minutes away from cookies! Okay, imagine it's 9:30 PM and the craving hits. Your kids are in bed so you can't fire up the KitchenAid and you had a long day at work and you don't feel like making cookies anyway. If you freeze your dough you will have a stock pile ready for action! All you gotta do is pre-heat your oven (your sleeping kiddos won't expect a thing) and quietly slide in those frozen dough balls. Then, get into your sweats and cozy socks as they bake for 14 minutes.

  4. Have you ever tried eating frozen cookie dough? Um it's my favorite dessert. I know 14 minutes isn't that long to wait, but sometimes it is and I just dive into the frozen dough. It's the best thing since quick-release cookie scoops.

  5. Okay if I haven't convinced you already, this one will do it. Your cookies will bake better! It's not a make-or-break thing, but freezing your cookie dough before baking gives your cookies a little extra body.

  6. If you plan to sell your dough/cookies, freezing them allows you to have a stock pile of cookies ready to go in a moment's notice.

Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Download:

If you are a visual learner (I know I am) I put together a free video that shows you every step to making my chocolate chip cookies along with a recipe download that you can print and add to your recipe binder, hang on your fridge, or keep in your computer files. To get the free video, click here and add the recipe to your cart and check out. It's free, no card required!

This is the picture you'll see!

This video will show you what your dough should look like before adding chocolate chips, what the cookies will look like when they are done baking and every other little step of the process.

This is hands down my best-selling, top-rated cookie and I want to share it with you! This is what my customers say about my chocolate chip cookies, and soon, what your friends (or customers) will be saying about YOUR cookies:
         "The best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my 30 years of life came from this girl!!   Thank You again for them I will be ordering more!" --Kylie
          "The chocolate chip cookie dough is.... AMAZ-BALLS😍 This recipe I know came from the heart! You won’t be disappointed!" -- Monique
         "Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I have ever had!!!!" --Ammon
Whether you are a home cook or business baker looking for a stellar chocolate chip cookie recipe, this is for you! Take this recipe and make it yours!

Because I know there are so many little tips and tricks to making perfect cookies, it's hard to get those amazing cookies at home! It took me a long time and a lot of thrown away cookies to work out all the kinks, so that's why I started teaching The Better Cookie Classes, for in-depth guides to achieving perfect cookies.

If you are a beginner baker, or just a cookie enthusiast like me, subscribe to my blog or follow me on Pinterest for more baking and business tips.

Thank you for joining me in my quest for better cookies! See you around,

Cortney Winn

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