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Do You Want My Best-Selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

Secret Ingredients That You Might Not Know About

Updated: Mar 9

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Number 1: Mexican Vanilla

If I had to sell my soul for one thing, it might be this vanilla. If you know me, you're probably tired of hearing about it, but I'm sorry. It's just that good. If you are still buying your vanilla from Walmart, STOP! Mexican vanilla is so much more concentrated and packs huge flavor into your baked goods. You can smell the difference between high-quality vanilla and the cheap junk you used to buy (even I was guilty of buying cheap vanilla before I saw the light).

Here are my top two brands of Mexican Vanilla and links of where you can find them.

My all-time, absolute favorite vanilla is: Usumacinta Amber Mexican Vanilla Blend.

This vanilla has the best flavor and doesn't change the texture of your cookie dough. However, this one is the most expensive of the two vanilla brands. You can find this vanilla on Amazon here:

My second favorite vanilla brand is: Danncy's Pure Vanilla.

This vanilla is less concentrated (so if you put too much in it starts to change your dough). Yes, I have a problem with putting too much vanilla in. This brand is usually the cheaper of the two. (Note: this vanilla has more of a cinnamon undertone. It won't make your cookies taste like cinnamon, but if you hate cinnamon, I'd suggest going with Usumacinta. You can find this vanilla on Amazon here:

Number 2: Cacao Berry Cocoa Powder

For chocolate cookies, I highly recommend Cacao Berry Cocoa Powder. Chocolate cookies can be finicky at times and I believe the secret is in the cocoa powder.

This cocoa powder is my splurge item. I only use this for my Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies (drool with me) because it would get pricey to use it in everything, but we have to treat ourselves sometimes, right? You can also purchase this on Amazon here:

If you want my cheaper recommendation for cocoa I suggest the Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder. This powder is what I use for my big cakes that would require a lot of cocoa powder and all my other chocolate recipes. In my opinion, this special dark cocoa is a step above the traditional Hershey's cocoa powder. You can buy this at Walmart.

Number 3: Espresso Powder

Speaking of chocolate, there is a secret to ultimate depthy, chocolaty-ness, and that secret is Espresso Powder. Just a tablespoon of Anthony's Espresso Powder thrown in with your cocoa powder will bring a new level to your chocolate cake (or cookies). It does not make your baked goods taste like coffee. Instead, it opens up the flavor profile and enhances the chocolate flavor. This is the brand I bought and I love it! This is also available on Amazon and you can purchase it here:

Number 4: Cake Flour

Cake flour was a game changer for me, especially for making jumbo cookies. Softasilk Cake Flour helps jumbo cookies bake evenly. Have you ever tried to bake a big cookie with a regular cookie dough recipe? Chances are, the edges burned and the middle was a doughy mess. You can make cake flour at home using 1 cup all purpose flour + 1 Tbs corn starch. It works, however I've noticed the actual cake flour is more consistent at baking evenly. The cake flour also results in a little better flavor, I think. It is definitely worth the purchase if you are going for BIG tasty cookies. This is available at Walmart or Amazon. Here is the link for Amazon:

Number 5: Bread Flour

Did someone say cinnamon rolls? Bread flour is a must for cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, bread, or rolls.

I used to think good bread was impossible to make from home, because every recipe I tried never turned out, but I was just using the wrong type of flour.

Gold Medal Bread Flour has more gluten which results in softer, better bread. Yay for gluten! For any bread recipe, I use bread flour.

Number 6: Potato Flakes

Since we are on the subject of bread, potato flakes are a well-kept secret among the bread making community. Potato Flakes will make your breads soooo soft, especially cinnamon rolls!

The Next Thing On My List To Try: Vanilla Bean Paste

The next baking purchase I plan to make is vanilla bean paste! I've read that it turns white cake into an addictive substance. . . so naturally, I must try it.

Thank you for reading! Please leave any questions or comments below!

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