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Easy White Cake Recipe

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Here it is, the easiest best-tasting (semi-homemade) white cake recipe. When I first came across this recipe, I was just starting out as a cake artist and was super nervous to use a box cake mix, even though it didn't follow the box directions or ingredients.

What if my customers found out?!

But my mom swore by this recipe and so I took a leap of faith and used it for one of my first cake orders. The customer loved it.

In all the years I've been doing the cake thing, not one consumer has ever guessed that I used a box mix in my recipe. In fact, they always assume I must have some sort of magic voo-doo recipe. Nope!

This recipe is a semi-homemade recipe and PERFECT for beginning cake artists. Heck, I still use this recipe because it IS SO EASY and my customers constantly rave about it. So why change it?

This recipe cranks up the yummy-ness of a regular boxed cake mix by making a few changes to the recipe and adding a secret ingredient: SOUR CREAM. I love this recipe because it bakes perfectly every time--NO SINKING--and, like I already mentioned, TASTES FREAKING GOOD.


1 C Water

1 C Sour Cream

1/3 C Oil

3 Eggs

1 C Sugar

1 Box White Cake Mix

1 C Flour


  1. Mix water, sour cream, oil, and eggs.

  2. Add sugar, cake mix and flour and mix on high until smooth

  3. Fill pans and bake @350 until golden spots appear on cake top and center is firm to touch. Bake time varies depending on how much batter is in your pan, but can take anywhere from 20-30 min, or if you're using 4" deep pans, your bake time will be closer to 40 min.

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