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Your Cookies are Flat, Now What?: 3 Tips To Fix Flat Cookies

Updated: Feb 21

So you just pulled your chocolate chip cookies from the oven only to scrape them, along with your hopeful expectations, into the garbage. If you are crying over your garbage can, DON'T.

In my humble opinion, a garbage can full of cookies (or cake) is a badge of honor in the wonderful world of baking. And the good news? If you're reading this, you will soon be able to prevent (or drastically reduce) the walk of shame to the dumpster.

Chances are you already typed, "Why are my cookies flat?" into Google, and an entire list of possible problems popped up as to why your cookies are flat. I'm going to save you time and give you my top three steps to fixing flat cookies without bombarding you with the list Google will give you.

3 Tips To Fix Flat Cookies:

Flat cookies usually result from one of three variables: your butter, flour, rising agent, or a mix of all three.


Butter has a melting point of 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit. It also contains water. This means butter does not stand up to 350 degree heat as well as Crisco, which is 100% fat with zero water content and a melting point of 117 degrees. It can take the heat. (TIP: You can do half butter an half Crisco.)


Cookie dough, whether it's chocolate chip, sugar, snickerdoodle, or peanut butter, should not stick to your fingers. Add flour until you can pluck a piece of dough and drop it back into the bowl without leaving any sticky dough on your fingers at all. (TIP: Sub one cup of flour for cake flour to get a slightly fluffier cookie.)


Baking soda is a leveling agent which assists in an even bake, and rise of dough. If a recipe calls for a tsp of baking soda, I add a HEAPING tsp. Also, I've found better results with baking soda rather than baking powder. If you are using powder, switch to soda.


Add more chocolate chips, nuts, m&m's, oats, or whatever it is you are putting in your cookies. Those tid-bits of yumminess add volume to your cookies.

There you have it. My three time saving fixes to flat cookies!

See you soon,

Cortney Winn

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